About Us

We are a family run business located in North Cork Ireland. We have vast experience in engraving and have amassed over 15 years worth of engraving to date. We take great pride in what we do & are firm believers in good customer service.

We are experts in larger scale engraving projects but over the years , many family members & friends.

came to us looking for strong well engraved pet tags. We heard the same complaint over and over again, got a pet tag in town, text wore off after a few weeks, or the the tag was lost after a few weeks.

One such friend laughed saying that they though the family dog had its own business & was giving out its pet tag as a business card because he had to replace them so many times.

So we decided to put together a range of Strong, Stylish & Deep Engraved tags. So over the years we have amassed a range of good quality tags that are deep engraved and all at a reasonable price.

Although the majority of dogs are micro-chipped it is also very important to have a pet id tag, it is actually the law under the control of dog acts for your pet to have a form of tag/disc identification in public. Also the pet id tag will often be the first thing a person will look for when a stray is found, the majority of people wont be able to scan the pet or go to the trouble of bringing the pet to its local vet and getting them scanned. With a quick phone call from a the number off the tag the pet can be quickly reunited with its owner. Reducing the stress on the pet & also you. To date we have engraved thousands of pet tags for pets both in Ireland, U.K & Worldwide.

We also have a range of house signs that are hand made from Irish Oak & Teak.Our sister site fermoysigns.com has a larger range of signs to chose from.Thanks for visiting our site :)